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Our Brands

ATK Ammunition and Related Products Group proudly promotes the following brands.

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Federal Cartridge

CCI Ammunition

Speer Bullets


Alliant Powder


Champion Targets


Mounting Systems

Shooters Ridge

Estate Cartridge

Invisible Gun

Invisible Gun™

The first of its kind, the Invisible Gun scent-removing cleaning kit is providing big game hunters with a final line of defense. It’s the last step in camouflage for the trophy hunter who knows the importance of masking human scent.

Engineers at the Onalaska Operations plant in Onalaska, Wisconsin, developed the revolutionary Invisible Gun cleaning system to meet the strict demands of today’s serious deer hunter. It is yet another way ATK Ammunition and Related Products Group is setting itself apart from the rest of the industry. Scent removing gun cleaning technology from ATK—make sure you’re ready this season.

For more information, visit www.invisiblegun.com



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